The Ashes of Arda

4/6/12: Agents of the Magocracy
Session Recap

Working off notes taken by his scribe from the tower of the wizard Yisarn, Ascendra believed he could increase the power of his own Catalyst using Yisarn’s research, However, working off incomplete notes and without a proper lab, Ascendra damaged the Catalyst, causing it to now behave in unpredictable ways . The Catalyst is still a spider, but instead of being a necromancer’s purple, it now glows in rainbow of different light, each leg of which contains a different color. Ascendra suffered some minor injuries from the accident. (DM Note – this is an in-character explanation for Ascendra changing classes, from Necromancer Wizard to Wild Mage Sorcerer).

Ascendra met up with Fulgur on the streets outside of the group house, where Fulgur noticed the changes in Ascendra. As they were walking, they were approached then surrounded by a group of hooded Grimers. They demanded Ascendra went with them, but he was having none of that. Fulgur and Ascendra attempted to battle them, but the Grimers knocked Ascendra out with a sleeping gas and carried him off, ducking into an alleyway. Fulgur continued to battle them as they were fleeing, but when he got to the alleyway where Ascendra was taken, he found the alleyway empty.

Ascendra came to, and found himself in a subterranean room, shackled with anti-magic cuffs. He is confronted by Alaktrin Ale’val, the Drow tailor previously encountered. He is working with the Grimers, and accuses Ascendra of interfering with their operations in the Drow Empire. He threatens Ascendra with torture if he does not tell him what he knows. Ascendra recognizes the Elf (Valandril) from the Orc’s Head Inn he purchased the suits of clothes from as one of Alaktrin’s companion and a Grimer.

Meanwhile, Fulgur is attempting to figure a way to rescue Ascendra. A Grimer on a nearby rooftop says that Ascendra is a spy for the Drow Empire, and speaks that the genasi have allied themselves with the Empire. Fulgur convinces him to take him to the Grimer hideout, but he only agrees if Fulgur where a bag over his head. Fulgur agrees, and he is taken to their secret HQ.

Alaktrin continues to interrogate Ascendra, who does not have the information he wants. He threatens him with death, and reveals further that the Grimers have allies in the Drow Empire who want to bring down the Spider Empress. He thinks Ascendra intentionally took the items to later give them to Imperial forces or his own house. Ascendra tries to accuse Valandril of being a spy himself, but is unsuccessful, as Valandril is a trusted friend of Alaktrin. Fulgur, after punching his escort, is taken into the room with Ascendra. Alaktrin proposes a deal with them: There are rumors of a genasi traveling with drow scouts in the area, and if they kill them, they will gain the Grimers trust. Ascendra says he will not kill another genasi, and they agree for capture or information. They are given 3 days to complete the task, The two are knocked out with the sleeping gas again and awake in the group home.

The group attempts attempts to ask the citizenry if they have seen anything but are unsuccessful. Ascendra heads to the Drunk Troll and asks Jane Dudleykins if she has heard any rumors. She hasn’t, but thinks that Caluun (the hermit encountered in the first session) might. He is in the tavern with his watchdog Rufus after having traded some alchemical potions and inventions in town . Ascendra buys him a drink, and he reveals that he has seen signs of them in the nearby forest. He agrees to escort them to his hut and show them what he saw. He takes them on his wagon, pulled by an aged dragonbeast, which when they arrive at the forest edge he converts to wheels into his patented Caluun’s Floating Discs

Caluun takes the group to his hut and shows them sign of the drow. Fulgur and Ascendra track down a small group of drow scouts (heavily injured from skirmishes with the Khanate soldiers), accompanied by a genasi of the Elemental Commandos, Waveguard Nami-Ran, a heavily armored water soul. They try to sneak up on them while it is raining heavily, but a guard alerts Nami-ran to their prescense. Battle ensues. The drow are dispatched quickly and the group battles Nami-ran while attempting to stay out of the acidic rainfall. She is eventually subdued. Ascendra wishes to question her.

Nami-ran is initially reluctant to provide information, but she is more mistrustful of the drow and Ascendra convinces her to speak about what is going on in the Magocracy. She tells the following:

· The genasi House Hydra has started a House War, the third in memory

· They have aligned themselves with the Drow Empire, and were able to subdue most of the other Houses with their accompanying drow troops.

· Ascendra’s sister, Celestra, has assassinated their father and taken command of the House

· The shadar-kai (The House of the Ever-shadow) allied themselves with House Hydra and together defeated the eladrin (House Eternial) and human (House Gryphonia) houses

· The duergar house (Volkan) remains entrenched in their below-ground fortress, the combined forces unable to defeat their sentries and wards.

· Continued resistance fighting and daily battles are occurring in the city.

· She was scouting with Commander Feuron-dor, one of the heads of the Elemental Commandos. Their camp is only a few miles from their present location.

Ascnedra wishes Nami-ran to return to the Magocracy and tell Celestra that he is coming for her. They part ways and they track down Feuron-dors camp. He is looking over a map with the drow scout commander, a more seasoned veteran. They sneak up on the two and begin to battle. Feuron-dor taunts Ascendra and calls Fulgur a lowly slave, provoking them both. The drow scout commander dies first, and Fulgur and Ascendra battle Feuron-dor until Fulgur rends his chest in two. Fulgur finishes him off after Ascendra has words with him. They discover a map which reveals estimated positions and sizes of both Drow Empire and Khanate armies. They take the map, and return to Clearwater.

They bring the map to Alaktrin, who is in his shop. He thanks them for the map, and Fulgur leaves. Ascendra wishes to kill Alaktrin as revenge for his capture, and gives him wine with the poison from Caluun. Alaktrin drinks it, and notes that it is quite poisonous, though he appears completely unaffected by the deadly brew. Ascendra leaves, vowing to kill Alaktrin.


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